About us

Our company is located in Novousmanskiy area of Voronezh region.
As of today Ivanchev House of trade is an actively developing enterprise specialized in storage, processing and sale of meat and fish products. Ivanchev House of trade successfully works with contractors and business partners based in 38 Russian Federation regions from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok
Ivanchev house of trade Established in 2009.
We are seeking to expand the geography of our business partners, both in the near abroad and in the far one. Our company cooperates fruitfully and on a mutually beneficial basis with partners from the Customs Union - Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia, conducts trade relations, is about to sign with enterprises of Serbia.

Production standards

An effective food safety system (HACCP) was implemented and is
maintained in working condition.
Since 2013, our company has been a part of international SEDEX system and undergoes an annual audit in accordance with international SEDEX standards.
SEDEX- is a code for enterprises of various industries that have joined the initiative of ethical standards compliance under SEDEX trade and economic cooperation. Enterprises, that have been audited under this system, confirm a high level of business and compliance with international and national laws and standards.


Over the course of its activity, our company has more than once become a laureate of prestigious prizes and diplomas for its achievements in the "Wholesale trade of meat and poultry meat, including ready-to-cook products« according to OKVED 51.32.1. Thus, according to the results of our reporting to the Russian Federation government statistics authorities, the international economical rating «League of the Best» recognized our company as «Enterprise of the Year 2012»
In 2013, according to the results of the All-Russian Business Rating, based on official data of the Federal Service for State Statistics, our company was awarded the status of "The Industry Leader 2013"
In 2014, the Rating Analytical Group awarded our company a diploma "For Contribution to the Development of the Industry", we occupy an honorable 11th place among 77058 enterprises of a similar type of activity.

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