Our own production of ready-to-eat dishes

The company has established strict quality control of products, which allows to comply with the highest requirements.

Sous vide

The term "sous vide" refers to the technology of cooking in vacuum packaging. The ingredients are placed in a water bath and cooked at a very accurate constant temperature, which does not exceed 70 degrees. The process may take longer than other heat treatment methods, but the cooking temperature will be much lower. This low-temperature, slow-cooking method gives unrivaled results.
1. When cooking in a sealed bag, all tastes and flavors are preserved, compared to being lost under normal conditions.

2. During low-temperature processing, cell membranes are not destroyed - such dishes are much more juicy.

3. Due to the correct selection of temperature, muscle collagen is converted into gelatin, preventing protein denaturation - the reason why meat turns out to be hard and dry.

We produce for:

Coffee shops and cafes
Thanks to our products, small coffee shops can greatly diversify their assortment without having their own kitchen.
Hotels and hostels
Now hotels and hostels may not have their own kitchen, too, but offer their customers a tasty and wholesome meal.
Grocery stores and mini markets
Ivanchev House of trade products will attract more customers, who prefer healthy food, to your store.
Food for vending
It is now possible to diversify the assortment of crackers and chips with our products.

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